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    Мы там, где Вы хотите быть

    Ми там, де Ви бажаєте бути

    We are where You want to be

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    Место, где гостям всегда рады

    Місце, де гостям завжди раді

    A place where guests are always welcome

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    Роскошь уникальна, как и каждый наш гость

    Розкіш унікальна, як і кожен наш гість

    Luxury unique as each of our guest

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    Дом вдали от дома

    Дім в далечі від дому

    A home away from home

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    Правильное место для хорошего отдыха

    Правильне місце для гарного відпочинку

    The right place for a good holiday


Welcome to the Boutique-Hotel Palais Royal

Welcome Note From The General Manager

Just a short note to personally extend my warmest welcome to you, from our official website, created to introduce you to the hotel and enrich your experience when you stay or visit.

From the very beginning, our main goal has been to provide the best possible service to our guests, we are striving to constantly improve the quality of our services in order to have satisfied customers that would come back again and again.

I trust you will find our website useful and since we truly appreciate your feedback, we will consider your ideas when enhancing our website with further content, features and functionality.

On behalf of all the staff and management, I look forward to welcoming you to Palais Royal soon, for an enjoyable stay with us.

Yanina Egorova
General Manager


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