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About us

About the boutique-hotel Palais Royal

“Palais Royal” it is the only boutique-hotel of high level in Odessa is located in the heart of the historical part, where there is still a spirit of romanticism and a bohemian atmosphere of the city. Our hotel is the perfect place to relax after a walk or a meeting with a business partner. Within walking distance of Opera and Ballet, and in three minutes from Deribasovskaya and five minutes from the Primorskiy Boulevard.No matter what you want to visit in Odessa, everything is nearby.

The basis of our concept is based on four principles: superior service, genuine hospitality, our own unique style and contemporary design.

We have created a boutique hotel Palais Royal, so you get even more positive emotions and vivid impressions of a visit to one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Odessa.

5 reasons to choose the “Palais Royal” in Odessa

In our hotel are many advantages that allow us to call it the best to stay in Odessa. But we distinguish five main reasons why to stay in Odessa for daily room favorably at our hotel:
1. Less than 5 minutes walk to Deribasovskaya Street and the epicenter of the city.
2. The proximity of the key attractions – Odessa National Academic theater is the exterior of the hotel and pearl of the city, 550 meters is the City Garden and 650 meters – Potemkin Stairs. Especially if you come just for a day, take a room at our hotel is comfortable: you will be able to complete the planned business, and stroll through the city’s main places.
3. Many of the hotels offer a cheap stay in the center of Odessa. They offer low prices and decent service. But the “Palais Royal” is advantageously distinguished on their background.
4. The attentive staff will select for you the appropriate room and will help to choose a route for exploring the city.
5. We offer the rich set of free and additional services.

Our Services

Chapter of the history
Odessa in the early 1840s. And that’s how it was
There is a Palais-Royal or Royal Palace which situated in the heart of Paris nearthe Louvre. Also it includes a square and a park of the same name. This luxurious residence in the centre of the city was built specially for one famous statesman Cardinal Richelieu. Functionally and partly technologically the model of parisian Palais-Royal was reproduced in Odessa at the beginning of 1840-s. so that's how it was.
To justify a french name "Palais-Royal" Trading complex erected from three sides by G.I.Toricelli in 1842-1843-th and was adjoined by an old Theatre from the fourth side, soon became a centre of chivalrous merchantry and crafts, "the green living room" of Odessa. Various goods were sold at this complex and concerts of barnstormers were conducted at the garden. Famous people were having rest in numerous cafes.
The first sculpture was installed in 1847 at the same time with a fountain at the centre of the garden. It's a silhouette of a girl who is sitting on a rock under umbrella made of bronze by N.Stepanov. The second sculpture that impresses with its beauty and sensuality in based not far away from fountains on a lawn - Amour and Psyche frozen in tender hugs - is a work of unknown artist. This incredible sculpture is a copy of one of the most famous in the world made in II century b.c. in Ancient Greece. There were lines dedicated to this treasure: "Damp silence of Palais-Royal. Lapping piano - from theatre classes. Psyche standing near amorous Amour. And the sky is watching gloomily through the trees...".
XIX century
This unique architecture ensemble was totally ruined for unknown reasons at the end of XIX century, and there were built houses for different purposes on the place of one-storied complexes. But the cozy garden emerged in the middle of XIX century remained and it's still giving appeasement and calmnessfor everyone who come here to have a rest of city vanity.
The Garden
Parisian gardener Ludwig Leclair who was invited by H.Vorontsova equipped the garden at the beginning and even now we can see centuries-old plane trees which were planted by him. Moreover, these trees were planted here cording to unusual plan - in form of St.Andrew's cross: alleys are divided diagonally.
The Hotel is situated at the centre of Odessa in glorious five-storey building. From the one side it's a view on Lazheronovskaya street from its windows and from the other side - Palais-Royal garden and Opera and Ballet Theatre. Boutique-hotel "Palais-Royal" opened its doors in 2013. You can book a room at our Hotel in Odessa quickly and easy on our site or by phone +380487378881.
Boutique Hotel "Palais Royal" has received 3 stars category