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Interesting facts

Historical facts about Odessa

How much do we know about the Odessa? It worked great poets, were born in the Odessa Film Studio favorite films of Soviet times, and Mishka Yaponchick became famous Odessa Robin Hood. But this is not the whole story of our city. We have prepared some interesting facts related to Odessa, which may open up to you the other side of town.

– Everyone knows about the existence of internal combustion engines, which are installed in vehicles. Evidence suggests that the first such machine was appeared in Odessa, the court went 1891. It is noteworthy that the first penalties for speeding were also written in this city.

– One of the attractions of the city is the Potemkin Stairs, which got its name thanks to Eisenstein. He removed the tape “Battleship Potemkin” and turned to the famous ladder, and so did the name. The staircase is recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe, and its length is a little less than one hundred and fifty meters. Top lead level in the number 192. It should be noted that the base of the stairs nearly two times wider than the upper part.

– It’s funny, but in the old days the residents of Odessa called sources of drinking fountains. Subsequently, the areas of the city received the appropriate name. As a result, there were a large, medium and small fountains.
In the 19th century women coming to the market, we tried the water, and if its quality is disappointing shoppers, they used the capacious phrase “not a fountain!”. As a result, the word is firmly stuck in the Russian language, not letting him know about the best characteristics of something.

– The turret houses №5 Preobrazhenskaya Street Odessa lighthouse is Lumi working “in tandem” with Vorontsov and helping vessels that call at the port. If the ship on the right course, then it can be seen at the same time, both the beacon located on the course line, a visual one above the other. Due to the difference of heights leading beacons can determine exactly which way to make course corrections. Casement height of the lighthouse above sea level is 54.9 meters.

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