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Interesting facts

Literary Odessa

The map of old Odessa is hardly a street or lane, which would not be associated with the name of someone from the classics of world literature.

Strolling through Odessa, constantly find yourself near the memorable places where lived the great authors, or their immortal characters. No wonder your city, we do not hesitate to call “Literary Odessa”.

Walking along the street Pushkin (former Italian) do not go past the house №13 in which during his southern exile lived the great Russian poet. In memory of his stay in the city of Odessa citizens have established two monuments: one on the Promenade, the second right outside his house.

Sitting on the steps of the Archaeological Museum (formerly the first public library), you can dream of distant wanderings and “Scarlet Sails”, as once the young Alexander Green.

Odessa Opera visited Pushkin, Adam Mickiewicz, Nikolai Gogol. There anxiously awaited their prime Tchaikovsky, Chekhov, I. Nechuy-Levitsky.

On a bench in the shade of an old plane tree at the Primorsky blvd. liked to sit V.S. Vysotsky, when he came to Odessa. Disgraced poet was invited to work at the Odessa film studio Kira Muratova, S. Govorukhin, G. Jungvald-Khil’kevich, G. shelves.

Mark Twain specially came to Odessa to see firsthand the wonder of the world – the “Giant staircase”, now known as Potemkinskaya.

According to one of the old legends of Odessa, Nadezhdinskaya on the street, Gogol burned the 2nd volume of “Dead Souls”. Now this street Gogol. A Dead Souls is still hovering in the halls of this house …

Characters of the oldest district of the city lived there Moldovanki sang Shalom Aleichem and Isaac Babel. Later on Moldovanke I born and lived our contemporary MM Zhvanetskiy. And in the courtyard of the Museum of Literature monument to its old one portfolio adjoins to monuments Rabinovich, “wildebeest” and sailor Sonia.

All of them have been in Odessa or wrote about it over the years. And this is an incomplete list of the Odessa writers, about which you can learn, having visited Odessa.

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